Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My 22nd Birthday :)

My birthday this year was one of the best ever! My awesome Mom and Sister and friends all planned an awesome surprise party for me!

It all started a few weeks before my birthday when my mom and sister informed me that they wanted to take me out to a fancy dinner on the Saturday after my birthday but they wouldn't tell me where because they wanted it to be a surprise! So I was pretty excited about that to begin with.

The actual day of my birthday wasn't anything extra special. It was just like any other day. I woke up and cleaned my whole house then took my Grandma to the doctor, had some Starbucks and then just spent a little time with her at the house. Around 4 I went over to my Eternal Companion's house and hung out with her for a little while. We went to dinner at Olive Garden with our friend Kim and then went to the Melting Pot for dessert. It was a nice little birthday dinner. By the end of the day I had just come to terms with the fact that I'm getting old and once you are 22 your birthday just doesn't mean that much anymore. Just another day in the year right? Not right!

When Saturday rolled around I was so excited to finally find out where my mom and sister were taking me for dinner! We got all dressed up and got in the car to go and they actually made me close my eyes once we got close so that I wouldn't know where we were going! I closed my eyes when we got to 7th street and when we turned into the place I kind of guessed that we were at the Pointe Hilton because we were taking all kinds of turns and going up and down and that is just not usual for Phoenix streets. So I was still so excited because I had never had dinner there before. What I didn't know is that they led me up to the door and made me close my eyes the whole way and when I opened my eyes I was standing in a hotel room and all my best friends were there. Katie, Briana, Amber, Ashley were all standing there! I was so stinking excited and surprised! I really had no clue! The funny thing is that when my mom first told me that she wanted to take me to dinner I asked if my girlfriends could come with and she said no just because she wanted to have a little family girls night. So I was really thrown off! Then we went to the restaurant and yet another surprise! My dad, Evan, Tiffany, Addyson, Brooklynn, Tyler, Mercedez, Mama, Leanne, Amy, Chris, and Amy were all there! We all sat down and ordered our dinner after I was done freaking out and then while we were waiting for our food I was once again surprised. I turned around and Kailan was walking up to the table. I was extra surprised at this because I had just talked to Kaily on my birthday and she said she wasn't coming home from Utah until August! It was such a perfect night!

After dinner, the old people (my dad, Mama, Evan, and Tiff) all went home and the rest of us went to the pool and had some fun. After that all the boys left and we had a good little fat club sleepover in the hotel room! I had such a blast and felt so loved. Everything was absolutely perfect! I couldn't ask for a better birthday :)

My girls and me :) They decorated the room all over :)

Katie made me and AMAZING cake!

Me and the girls after dinner :)
Evan and Tiffany bought me a child size life jacket for my cruise :) Yes I wore it to the pool!

Fun at the pool with amazing people :)

Gary and I showing off

The original fat girls! Minus Raquel (Hawaii's better anyway Quelly!)

Always a show with us

Even the mirrors were decorated!

The picture that topped off the night...The fat kids club interpretation of double chins :)

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