Monday, September 28, 2009

Alumni Gala

This weekend Spisak Dance Academy had it's 3rd annual Alumni Gala! I got to dress up, eat Mexican food, perform a solo, and win an awesome basket in the silent auction! I love dressing up and I even got a beautiful new dress for the event! It was a wonderful night for sure!

My hero
My beautiful Aunt April and me
My new dress!
Addy pants dancing the night away

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brett Favre: A Legend

Ok, so Brett Favre may be old, and indecisive, and retarded for playing for the stupid Vikings, but he is still a FOOTBALL GOD! He is my favorite quarterback of all time for good stinkin reason! The morning of September 27, 2009, Brett Favre led the Minnesota Vikings out onto the field for their first home game of the season. The game was shaky and it was looking like the San Francisco 49ers were going to give Minnesota their first loss of the season. The end of the 4th quarter with just a little over a minute to play, the Vikings come into possession of the ball with NO time outs! They drove down the field slowly, hustling to set up and spike the ball every time in order to stop the clock. To be honest, it was not looking promising at all. Now the clock has a mere 12 seconds left on the clock, the Favre sets up 3rd and 3 on the SF 32 yard line. The play starts and Favre drops back waiting for an opening, barely evades a sack and lobs the ball over the goal line right into the hands of Greg Lewis for the game winning touchdown! Favre rescued this game and will always be a legend in my eyes. We must all remember that I still HATE the Vikings with a passion, but I can never root against my Brett Favre and I only hope his success continues this season!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Email from Cory

I just got an email from my little brother who went into the Missionary Training Center about two weeks ago! Its been about 5 minutes and I am still laughing so I thought I would share it with whoever wants to know! Here is what he sent me:

You are Crazy! I'm going crazy in here! they won't let me out of the box, so i can't think out of the box! by the way cheese monkies will not eat rice thrown at weddings. oh Guess what? Small hands smell like cabage! I love you MUCHO GRANDE x Infinity + 1! Beat that Chuck Norris! Have to go but i love you. Love Elder BoGangles

I love him so much! What a cheeseball! HA

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday Night Cartwheels

On Saturday night Katie and I were watching Law and Order: SVU which is an everyday occurrence for us, no big deal. Well I don't know how it came up but Katie informs me that she can do a cartwheel so naturally I make her get up and show me. So this turned into us doing several cartwheels in my little living room, trying not to hit the TV on one side and the coffee table on the other! So while some people may spend their Saturday nights partying the night away, Katie and Anjuli are strategically trying to get the perfect cartwheel pictures. We know we're cool!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football Sunday

So before this season of NFL football started, I joined a "pickem" league. Basically, every week I go in and choose which teams I think are going to win and then give them confidence points depending on how certain I am of my decision. Although this is so fun and makes football season so much more exciting than it already is, it also makes me crazy. I am sitting here pulling my hair out cheering for and yelling for teams that before I was completely indifferent to. Why did I sign up for more stress? Oh ya, cuz I love football! LETS GO BEARS!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Eternal Companion

This is Katie Joe. She is my bestie for life.We lived together last year and it was amazing. She was my favorite roommate ever. We did lots of fun things together.

We watched Law and Order together and were obsessed with Elliot Stabler together...

We cooked together...

We changed tires together...

We ate smores together and got chocolate all over our faces together...
We played Nintendo 64 into the wee hours of the night together...

We went to Katy Perry's concert together...

We wore head lamps on our heads just for fun...

We explored through pitch black caves together...
And we camped together!

Now she is married and we don't get to live together anymore!
But don't worry, now we live right down the street from each other and we still see each other everyday! We still do everything we did last year together now. I love her so much and am so grateful that I can have her in my life.